Kensington and Chelsea College in Wornington Road has been serving the further and adult educational needs of the North Kensington community for over
40 years and has transformed the lives of a multitude of the borough’s residents by providing, along with many others, courses in ESOL, English and Maths, Access to Higher Education, Teacher Training, the Creative Arts, Health and Social Care.

All this is set to change as the asset strippers at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea have now purchased the freehold and intend to redevelop the whole site as housing, with an unseen commitment to re-provide a smaller educational space.

We believe that under the council’s Consolidated Local Plan 2015 the current D1 use of the site falls under the “social and community uses” category and is protected under policy CK1.

We believe that redeveloping the site for predominately residential uses would be contrary to policy CK1 and we are calling on the Council to ensure that the entire building remains in educational use